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We are here to bootstrap Game Companies and take them to next level. In Rocketplays we believe that great Games have great Business Models. We aspire to great founders to test their ideas, prepare for the market, and support in launching outstanding games!

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early stage

The first step is the most important one. We support alongside of creating games that correspond to new-age gamers’ needs.
Our Marketing and Tech expertise adds value in early development where important make-or-break decisions are taken.

IGOs and Game Design are our bread and butter. Your game will be guided in the aspiring Blockchain assets economy.
This will create new revenue models and engagement with gamers.

We believe

in Exceptional Founders

It starts will people. They build the value. We value entrepreneurship spirit, fast-to-market approach. You’re joining a guild of great minds.

In Pure

We value extreme transparency. This way expectations are set correctly and the path for success is much clearer. Be yourself. We appreciate that a lot!


We have a vast network in the Game Industry. Ranging from Game Developers, Publishers, Artists and top VC's. Your network will level-up!

We invest before the hockey stick

game incubator

Our ultimate aim is to see where your game fits in the market. To guide in your technological decisions and tackle all the assumptions with real customers from day 1 .


Adapting your game to the Blockchain world can be very challenging. Thus, new games experienced it too. We got you back! We have to top Technical advisors in the space to help you steer your strategy and bring results


Every game needs fuel. Supporting games, in the beginning, is very crucial for the mutual success of any venture.

The ones with the big ideas